Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Junipers have been so busy this week learning in lots of different ways!

In English we received an exciting story from Joey. He sent us his own story and we couldn’t believe how lucky we were! We enjoyed reading his story so much that we decided to put it onto a story board. Junipers were all able to explain the story through each stage; the beginning, middle and end. We completed our story board by drawing images of each part of his story. Once we finished our story boards we were able to look back at our work and re-tell the story following our plan. After this activity we had the most exciting morning…Miss Latham made every child in Juniper class ‘Star of the Day!’

Junipers were able to sit at a table all at the same time, following instructions with fantastic listening skills. Miss Latham was so amazed as this is something Year 1 do! Miss Latham made every child star of the day and Junipers had an amazing day as they were very excited about this.


In maths this week we have made our own number block stories using the number block images to cut, stick and place in the correct order of an addition number sentence.


Juniper class have had an exciting week and have really enjoyed playing outside, exploring, building, working together and being creative. We have continued our topic of ‘growth’ by planting cress in different ways, other than using soil. Junipers have enjoyed learning and exploring how seeds can grow using different materials.


What an amazing week we have had! Have a lovely weekend, stay safe.

Miss Latham and Mrs Owen.