Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

What a busy week the Acorns have had! Tractors, lambs, pigs and tadpoles!

On Monday, the Acorn Preschool children enjoyed a visit from a huge tractor, courtesy of John Bownes Ltd, the family business of one of our children. The children were amazed at just how big the wheels were, and we learnt what the different sized wheels were for.




The children were learning more about growth through observing the frogspawn that Mrs Alford brought in from the pond. The children thought it was amazing that the tiny black dots would eventually grow into tadpoles and then frogs. To help with their understanding the children have enjoyed “Teeny Weeny Tadpole” as the book of the week. Discussing this process some more with your child will help them to secure their thinking and enable them to improve their verbal explanations and broaden their vocabulary. Talk to your children about growth, linking it to their own growth through questionning – how do we know they have grown? Why do we need new clothes/shoes? What keeps growing and needs cutting? What do babies do and need? How have you changed since being a baby – what can you do now?


The song of the week, “5 Little Speckled Frogs” has been developing our maths skills of 1 less. Please could you continue to practice this song with your children at home and encourage them to fold down a finger each time to find 1 less. One less and one more is currently a focus for all the children within the Preschool, and each day they are asked to show 1 more or 1 less than a given number (up to 10) using their fingers during our carpet time.

To encourage the children to build on their skills, Mrs Alford sets challenges – which will earn them a sticker. The challenge at the moment is to write letters and write numbers wherever they are playing – paint, drawing, outside with chalk etc. You can help your child with this by encouraging them at home to get used to the way in which we form the letters and numbers. The more a child practices and is modelled how to do things, the quicker they will learn.

On Tuesday, the children were fantastic whilst having their school group photos and their graduation photos taken. You will love seeing how they turned out!




We visited the Weaver Dairy House Farm on Wednesday to see Rosie, and be taught how to become shepherds. Rosie talked to us about the colours used to show how many lambs a sheep is expecting (red – 1, blue – 2, green – 3) and then we looked for these colours and checked for the correct number of lambs in each pen. The children were taught how to look out for a happy lamb – look for a wiggly tale! The children met one of the rams – Commander – who had very thick wool. Rosie also introduced us to her Kune Kune pigs, Marta & Penny. They enjoyed eating their breakfast, bananas and carrots – and Rosie even gave them a back massage with special oil!

On Friday, as the whole school have been enjoy a multi-faith week, Acorns joined in with some Bollywood dancing. They were excellent at following the actions and so cute in their little Indian costumes.




As we have been so busy this week, it has disrupted our normal routine, so we only had 2 Stars of the day this week – Molly and Daniel – well done to you both!


Thank you to all the parents that come to Share a Story session every week – it means so much to the children, and we really appreciate you coming in.

Wishing all our super mothers a very happy Mothers’ day – we hope you get to lie in, enjoy relaxing and get truly pampered. All the Acorns told me to tell you that you do a fantastic job and they love you loads.