Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Buzzy busy bees

This week in the Acorn Preschool the children have been focusing on bees. The book of the week was ‘The Very Greedy Bee’. The children have loved sharing what they know about bees, as well as learning that they drink nectar from flowers and turn this into tasty honey. The children have used their creative skills to draw, make, decorate and paint bees. On Thursday, we even enjoyed some bread and honey – which they all found was yummy!


To use our physical motor skills, the children have created minibeasts out of salt dough. Worms, dragonflies, bees and butterflies – they all look fantastic.


By Tuesday, the caterpillars had completed their transformation, and were emerging as butterflies – the children have been so fascinated by this transformation.

The children have worked very hard this year on developing their phonic skills, so that they can recognise the letter shapes which represent each sound. They have also built on their fine motor skills to support them with controlling a pencil to form the letters that they wish to write. In these final few weeks of Nursery, before the children move on to Reception, we are so pleased to see the writing that the children are now beginning to produce – including writing CVC words (e.g. cat, mop, ten, peg etc), and in recording lists of words to describe what they say (e.g. describing a bee) – all independently.


The children are so eager to record in print, and so should be encouraged to just write the sounds they hear (even if they are not the correct spellings) as this is the start of early writing skills. We just encourage them to record the key sounds they hear when sounding out the words they wish to write. For example, when trying to write ‘butterfly’ – the children have recorded ‘butafly’ which is a very good phonetic attempt at spelling it. Please could you encourage the children to do this at home too. In this way, they do not get hung up on things being ‘spelt’ correctly, and work on applying their early phonic skills.

The Stars of the Day this week were Amelia, Jason F, Freya and Caleb – well done to you all.