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You can’t make a pancake without cracking an egg!

This week in the Acorn Preschool the children have been looking at eggs. They had to think really carefully about where Mrs Alford’s eggs might have gone – and made suggestions such as in a cake, used for pancakes and even dippy egg and soldiers! We also discovered that eggs do not grow in shops – but that they are given to the shop by the farmer who keeps chickens (a revelation for some!)


As Tuesday was Pancake Day, the children enjoyed some pancake related PE fun, playing a pancake spot game, balancing a pancake and even tossing it high in the air too. Our song of the week was ‘Mix a Pancake’ and the children have enjoyed acting this out, especially toss a pancake!




The children explored what goes into the recipe for pancakes by making their own on Wednesday. The children were excellent at following the recipe, mixing the ingredients carefully (unlike George Pig) and crossing their fingers to hope that Mrs Alford did not catch the pancake on her head when she tossed it (like Daddy Pig!)


Story of the week was ‘Oh Dear’ by Rod Campbell – Buster goes to visit his Grandma on the farm and asks him to fetch the eggs. Buster visits lots of parts of the farm to see all the animals, until finally he remembers that eggs come from chickens and finds them in the henhouse. With this story the children have followed a story map to orally retell. They have also broadened their vocabulary about the different ‘homes’ for farm animals – including kennel, hutch, stable, barn, pond, field and sty. Talk to your child about what animal would live in each of the different places to help build their understanding of the world and the related vocabulary.

The start of this week saw a change to the dough gym groups, where some of the children who have previously been accessing dough gym have moved on to a different group called ‘Superdraw’. As the children develop in their strength to hold a pencil, we are now encouraging them through a focused drawing session to build up their ability to use it with greater control and pressure to form marks that they want. The children are loving the sessions so far. The emphasis for all our drawings are on linking circles and lines. At home please encourage your child to pick up a pencil as often as possible through drawing pictures. Children don’t naturally know how to draw a picture and can be best helped by an adult drawing the same thing alongside, showing how circles and lines can be used to make a simple drawing of anything.

On Thursday the children dressed up as a favourite book character to celebrate World Book Day – the costumes were fantastic!

Stars of the day this week were Thomas, Daniel, Lilly, Landon and Louie – well done to you all.