Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Caring and kind…


Last week The little Acorns were busy building structures and models using lots of different materials the children began incorporating dolls into this play, constructing beds and cots for them to lay in, even cars for them to drive. This got us thinking and talking about the different ways we can care for babies.

The children did a wonderful job washing, drying and dressing our nursery dolls.
Meals were lovingly prepared and fed to them in out role play area. We also practiced rocking our dolls to sleep singing them ‘rockabye baby’.
We also enjoyed hearing and repeating the phrases in our book of the week – 10 Little fingers and 10 Little Toes.



On Wednesday we were very excited when we got to care for an animal baby, after a very young owl came to visit our school. The children were all extremely careful and kind making sure they used their inside quiet voices so we didn’t frighten the baby owl and soft gentle hands to stroke him.


A big well done to all our Little Acorns and their families who took part in our sponsored walk on Thursday to raise funds for school. The children were superstars walking up to 4 laps around our school field. Please keep gathering as many sponsors as you can, there is still plenty of time and the children truly deserve it after all the effort they put in, it was a big walk for little legs and we are very proud!