We have been so busy in Little Acorns. I am aware that contact with the parents is quite limited due… read more
Wednesday is Sports day ! Little Acorns had lots of fun running, balancing bean bags on our heads, jumping and… read more
This week we have been exploring sea life creatures. The children have been busy making a display for our bathroom… read more
The children have been exploring water, pouring, emptying, filling containers and playing with bubbles. We have explored different coloured water… read more
Little acorns have been exploring insects and bugs this week. From spaghetti worms to real slimy wiggly worms found in… read more
Well we are having lots of fun in Little Acorns. We are starting to make lots of new friends with… read more
The children have enjoyed cars, trucks and all vehicles with wheels. We have been making marks with cars and paint,… read more
Welcome to our summer term. We have welcomed seven new children to our Little Acorn nursery this week. We have… read more
Little Acorns have have been exploring the various stages of block play; carrying, stacking, bridge building and enclosures. Block play… read more
  Our little Acorns simply cannot get enough of all things construction and have spent another week being incredibly busy… read more

House Points

  • Squirrels
  • Owls
  • Hedgehogs
  • Foxes