Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Celebrating Chinese New Year

This week in Juniper class we have been learning about Chinese New Year.

Junipers have had lots of fun learning about traditional foods, traditional Chinese character writing, they have been practising speaking Mandarin during registration times, talking to their friends and writing in Chinese using traditional Chinese scrolls and writing brushes. All of the children in Juniper class had a tasting session of Chinese food, exploring different textures and flavours.

We have been learning Chinese characters for the numbers 1-10. Junipers have been using chopsticks to move the correct amount of pom poms on to the numbers on plates, developing theirĀ  fine motor skills.

Junipers have loved learning about Chinese New Year and this has shown through their excitement of independently speaking Mandarin during the day and feedback from parents explaining facts children have retained and passed on to tell their family.

It is lovely to see the children thoroughly enjoy their learning that they continue to discuss this in their home environment.