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Celebrations – Bonfire night and Diwali.

This week in Acorn Preschool, the children have been exploring different types of celebrations. They have been thinking about celebrations they know; Halloween, Christmas and Birthday’s. During talking time they enjoyed describing some of the things they remember about these special celebrations. 

Help your child to develop their talking by discussing events with them that they have enjoyed – encourage them to think of all aspects of the event and describe using different vocabulary. We have been asking the children what do we see, wear and eat at these events.

The children have been learning about a new celebration called Diwali. This is celebrated by Hindu’s – and is a festival of light. The children have made Diva lamps, painted Rangoli patterns and tasted Indian food. 

Acorn Preschool children continued learning about celebrations by looking at how we celebrate Bonfire night . The children were given opportunities to talk about what they already knew about the event. They enjoyed many firework themed activities including large-scale paintings, chalk firework pictures and we even built our own mini bonfire in the playground! Finally, on Friday, the children made breadstick sparklers  – which were yummy!