Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Chalk and talk…

Well done Sycamore class for another brilliant week. We have been very busy both during our lessons and during play times. The children used their creative flair to design patterns and shapes on the playground. The children were so excited to share their designs with each other. It was lovely to see them use their creative skills outside of the classroom.

The children were also tasked with using their knowledge on decimals and they had to apply this to problem solving involving money.

This week we have been continuing with the writing of our refugee narrative. The children considered the personification of ‘fear’. We read through the model and the vehicle text and considered the key themes of fear, war and migration.

In history this week we have started our topic on the Vikings. The children looked at the difference between a stereotypical Viking and a Viking settler. We also focused on the poignant attack on Lindisfarne, the children wrote news reports about this event.