Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Chick, chick, chick, chick, chicken!

This week the Acorn Preschool children have been learning about farm animals and their babies, in preparation for our trip to the farm next week. Our song of the week was ‘Old Macdonald’- but with a difference, saying the names of baby farm animals instead. This has broadened the children’s vocabulary to include lamb, kid, kitten, calf and foal. Use these words with your child as they talk more about the farm animals they see out and about. This will help them to secure the words and to be able to use them correctly.


On the theme of farms, the children have loved playing with the small world farm and tractors. Also, they have made different art and craft linked to farm animals, including woolly sheep, patchy cows and covering pigs in mud mixture!

Our book of the week ‘I Love Animals’ by Flora McDonnell – helped us with learning the new words of baby animals, and also the sounds the animals make. Children love making donkey sounds and also making the gobble sound of the turkey!



As the sun came out, it has been lovely to play outside building our own farms. However, lots of the farmers kept losing their piggies! We were also so surprised when we looked into the playground and spotted a real rooster! The children were fascinated, and thought maybe the daddy had come to look for the chicks. This rooster was very friendly, enjoyed our singing of Old Macdonald, and even came closer to the children as they played him a variety of musical instruments!



Whilst outside we have planted our potatoes as part of the ‘Grow Your Own Potatoes’ project for schools. The children were fantastic gardeners, helping to transfer the compost into the growing bags, planting the chitted potatoes into the compost and covering it over to protect them. We can’t wait to watch them grow!

On Thursday, the children were excited to invite more eggs into the classroom – frogspawn arrived, and all the children thought that it felt yukky! We will be thinking some more about what will happen to the frogspawn next week.

On Friday, the Acorns met British long jumper, Daniel Gardiner, who put us through our paces with lots of different ways of moving. We had a great time and even managed a relay race!
Stars of the day this week were Lacey, Miya-Louise, Lewis, Oscar and Freya – well done to you all.