Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

The children are expecting, believing and succeeding!

What an incredible week: the children are continuing to impress me with their effort, determination and hard work!

In English, we looked at trapping a Viking as he invaded our classroom! The children’s instructions were fantastic, with the correct features such as time conjunctions, adverbs and imperative verbs! The children are improving at checking their work once it has been completed, which is brilliant! The children also looked at how to give me instructions on how to make a sandwich to make sure they were not missing out key points.

This week in maths, we have continued to be looking at place value. The children have been looking at more than and less than and applying their knowledge of what they have learned to solve problems.

In topic, the children created a collage of a long ship, which looked fantastic. On Roald Dahl day, they looked at his childhood and making their own character description.

Next week, the children will have residential for one night. We are all looking forward to it. Remember that they will need their normal lunch and if they wish to bring money (optional) they can, but no more than £5 and in a labelled wallet, purse or envelope please.

Star of the week: Eleanor

Book of the week: Regan

Big maths – 10 out of 10- Matty

Keep it up year 3!