Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

We kicked off the week by performing our winter play which was fantastic! The children have been working really hard on their performance and they really pulled it out of the bag for the parents and families who came to watch.

We also had the community awards assembly which was lovely and the children continued to say wonderful things and compliment their classroom team all day! Thank you again to the PTA for arranging such a lovely surprise!

Following that we had an afternoon of the Suitcase Circus where the children watched Pete and his magical show. Miss Griffin and Mrs Coe even had a go at ribbon dancing!

We have also been very busy making some winter themed crafts. We started with baby reindeer hot chocolate cones and bubble printed cards.

We then finished off with melting snowmen and lots and lots of glitter!

Last thing we had a pass the parcel with DJ Jayden who did a fantastic job of making sure it was done fairly.

We hope you have a wonderful break. Enjoy and make lots of memories with your families and friends!
Mrs Coe, Mrs Oakes and Mrs Hankey