Hawthorn Class

Dear Year 5 Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to Hawthorn class! It is with great pleasure that we will be teaching your children this year.  This school year we will build on (and review) what they have learnt in Year 4 in Maths and English and they will experience new, exciting topics.

This term’s topic is Transport – The Railways and the Titanic. This is a brilliant topic which will focus on aspects of both history and geography. We will begin the term by exploring when the first railways were built and by whom. We will discover their purpose and the impact they had on life in Britain.  We will also learn about the famous Titanic, exploring why it was built and how its construction relates to the rise of the railways. The children will learn about: trade, transport networks, map reading and the history of locomotives . In Science, the children will be exploring the topic ‘properties and changes of materials’ where they will be using their scientific enquiry skills to investigate different materials, their properties and uses.

In RE we will be focusing on Christianity, and exploring together the concepts we find hard to understand. In PSHE this term we will be exploring Families, Friendships and safe relationships.

In English, we will be looking at a variety of texts. Children will explore and use exciting vocabulary to write a diary entry and biography based on the sensational true story of Henry ‘box’ Brown. We will be looking at similar texts in our reading lessons. Hawthorn class are expected to continue reading outside of school in order to progress in their reading skills, especially in understanding what they are reading about. Please ensure you listen to your child read each day – this is a vital step in becoming fluent readers.

In Maths we will be focusing on Place Value to begin with.We will also be exploring numbers up to 1 000,000. The children will build up their skills based on comparing, ordering and counting in hundred thousands, ten thousands, thousands, hundreds, tens and ones. Each day children will also recap previous learning through key skills sessions.

For the start of the Autumn term at least children will be doing for thirty minutes PE daily, the children may keep their PE kit at school. They will also need a water bottle each day.

Like last year, homework will be set each Monday and must be completed by the Friday of the same week. You can help with homework but please do not do it for your child. Please fill out your child’s reading records when you hear them read each night. (Homework is extremely important. Please refer to the Oak View homework policy for more information regarding homework.)

I will always make myself available to discuss your child’s progress and any questions you may have, please do not hesitate to catch me at the end of the day or to arrange another time to meet.

Miss Hickman & Mrs Atherton, Mrs Nash, Mrs Oakes & Mrs Du Randt.

*Please watch the video below. The video outlines key features of our classroom such as: the entrance to our classroom, the toilets that Sycamore class will use and the teachers that Sycamore class will be working with.*

Class code for Google Classroom: ksmyuio

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