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Little Acorns

Hello and welcome to Little Acorns!

Mrs Eddleston
Miss Latham
Miss Furmedge

Mrs Eddleston, Miss Latham and Miss Furmedge are ready and waiting to share lots of exciting experiences and learning opportunities with the youngest members of our Oak View family.

Our sessions run Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 11.30 am.


The children are welcomed into the setting at our nursery gate, the children enter with their coat and bag which are put onto their own pegs with their photo on, which will be supported my the team. The children can then choose from our carefully thought out activities to investigate, explore and play from a variety of creative, small world or imaginary play activities.


A healthy snack and milk is provided and whole group activities such as story and song time, circle games and dance and movement are incorporated into our sessions daily for the children (and staff!) to enjoy, ending each session together with our ‘goodbye’ song.


We use the incidental learning or ‘in the moment planning’, as the main basis of our planning as this is where the children are truly using and applying knowledge, understanding and skills. We also incorporate themed activities during interesting events and times during the year.

We then use our knowledge of the children, using their interests and how they learn, to make careful and meaningful observations to help plan for their next steps with focused activities.

We know that children develop different skills and understanding at different paces and we plan for this using a wide range of play activities and resources. During each session children will have the opportunity to participate in messy and sensory play, which is free flowing. These types of activity help to put your child in control of their play and experiences.  Playing in this way helps to build confidence and encourages independence.
We are also working hard to incorporate the usage of ‘loose parts’ play within the setting. This involves  the use of natural or upcycled materials that children can move, manipulate, control, and change within their play. This type of play is important for our very young children as it can allow for curiosity and a deeper imaginative play to motivate learning.


We request that Little Acorns wear comfortable, weather appropriate clothing and footwear that parents and carers don’t mind their little ones getting messy in!
Named coats/jackets should be sent in each day along with a drinks bottle for water and a small bag that your child can carry containing a couple of changes of clothing, nappies and wipes (should your child require them).

We like to get outside rain or shine so named wellies and raincoats are very useful.
Please always remember to label and name each item that is sent into school.

Welcome video

Learning Through Exploration And Play

Little Acorns enjoying their snack time on their first day of term

Week 2 – Rainbows and colours

Well what a colourful week we have had in our nursery. We have loved painting and mixing colours together. Singing and playing games with our colourful parachute and lots more !

We love to sing everyday at snack time and carpet time. It would be great to share these songs and actions at home. Please ask your children to share with you Hickory Dickory Dock, Miss Polly had a dolly, I am a little teapot, The wheels on the bus, Wind the bobbin up and two little speckled frog.

Colours and Dinosaurs

Little Acorn children have been playing with dinosaurs this week. We have been painting with them stomping their feet across the paper. Digging up dinosaurs in sand in our tuff tray outdoor. Using different tools and colours to paint with. Making marks in play dough and exploring shapes. We are taking the opportunity as the weather is good to visit the larger school playground, this allows the children to run freely whilst exploring the outdoors. They love feeding the chicken’s fresh grass. We are very busy every morning, I know I don’t always bring a picture home as we are displaying them in our classroom.

Construction week

We have been very busy this week building and digging. Our book this week has been Tip Tip Dig Dig. Your children are singing beautifully and learning some new songs each week. Our favourite at the moment is HIckory Dickory dock, Baa baa black sheep and Wind the bobbin up, ask the children to sing it fast, they love it!


We have been busy this week exploring autumn using leaves, twigs and conkers in our play. We have looked at Hedgehogs exploring their habitat, mark making, painting and sticking. We had a special visitor to our classroom of a real hedgehog which was rescued by Mrs Holford from our school drain pipe.

Thank you to all our parents who have supported us in sending in your family photos. These photos have now been laminated and displayed on our family tree. These are accessible for the children at all times during the morning. They are loving looking at them and sharing them with their friends. The photos are promoting a lot of talking in our carpet area.

This week we have been continuing with practising our skills from over the last half term, Car, Car, Truck Jeep has been our favourite story, singing it to the rhyme of Baa Baa black sheep. The children have loved it, they already know most of the words. This week we have explored the large school playground and woods again. We are really proud of the children’s listening skills and following instructions whilst we are out of our classroom.

Exploring Spooky Scary Halloween

Our classroom has been transformed into a Halloween haven this week. We have a den which the children have loved using torches to look at spiders on the roof. We have a number of pumpkins to mark make on and to use our tools (hammers and golf tees). We have listened to spooky Halloween classical music and visual aids which have promoted lots of new vocabulary for the children to enjoy. We are very proud of our children achieving the toddle woddle, it was lovely to see the parents support this activity, thank you very much.

Halloween party time

What a spooky time we had. Our children were devils, a werewolf, a skeleton, spider man, a police officer, witches and a really scary pumpkin. We enjoyed a Halloween party of exploring spooky music, dancing followed by a party snack.

Bonfire Night and Firework

This week we have been exploring fireworks in many ways. We have painted with shapes, made collage rockets and explored the changes to popping candy with gloop. We have even made a bonfire in the nursery with painted wood.

Farm animals / Making bird feeders / Remembrance poppies

Our theme this week has been looking after our dolls and babies. They have had numerous baths, face washes and nappy changes. The children have loved looking after them. We have also played with trains as a number of our children love them. We have also visited the school chickens and the woods.

For all the children that are moving up in January we have had the opportunity to visit and explore Acorns classroom today as the children were out on a school visit.

Snow fun on Monday this week, even the teachers had a go on the sledge!

Christmas is coming and our festive play has already started.

We are busy practising our Christmas rehearsals. Our cheeky elf has been up to a lot of mischief in our classroom, swinging from our lights, hiding in our Christmas post box and getting himself stuck, and climbing up to the top of our Christmas tree whilst knocking all of our decorations off. The children have loved our soft indoor snowball games, great fun and laughter from all the children and teachers.

Christmas celebrations continue into our last week

We have performed our Christmas songs which have been recorded for you. We are very proud of all of the children they were super. We are saying goodbye to ten of our Little Acorns who are moving up to Acorns nursery. We wish them well, they are so ready for their next adventure. We have finished with a Christmas party today. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

Happy New Year 2022

Farewell to ten of our Little Acorns who have moved up to Acorns nursery and welcome to our new Little Acorns who have joined us this week. We have had lots of fun exploring our new classroom and playground. We all enjoyed our snack time, singing and story time at the table. The sunglasses were a real hit!

Little Acorns Blog

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