Little Acorns

Hello and welcome to Little Acorns!

Mrs Wendy Eddleston       Miss Gabby Latham

Mrs Eddleston, Miss Latham and Mrs Leigh are ready and waiting to share lots of exciting experiences and learning opportunities with the youngest members of our Oak View family.

Our sessions run Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 11.30 am


During a typical session children are welcomed into the setting to explore and play, with a light breakfast offered. Children can then gather in our cosy carpet area to sing our ‘hello song’ together, before choosing which of our carefully thought out activities to investigate first.


A healthy snack and milk is provided and whole group activities such as story and song time, circle games and dance and movement are incorporated into our sessions daily for the children (and staff!) to enjoy, ending each session together with our ‘goodbye’ song.


We use the incidental learning or ‘in the moment planning’, as the main basis of our planning as this is where the children are truly using and applying knowledge, understanding and skills. We also incorporate themed activities during interesting events and times during the year.

We then use our knowledge of the children, using their interests and how they learn, to make careful and meaningful observations to help plan for their next steps with focused activities.

We know that children develop different skills and understanding at different paces and we plan for this using a wide range of play activities and resources. During each session children will have the opportunity to participate in messy and sensory play, which is free flowing. These types of activity help to put your child in control of their play and experiences.  Playing in this way helps to build confidence and encourages independence.
We are also working hard to incorporate the usage of ‘loose parts’ play within the setting. This involves  the use of natural or upcycled materials that children can move, manipulate, control, and change within their play. This type of play is important for our very young children as it can allow for curiosity and a deeper imaginative play to motivate learning.


We request that Little Acorns wear comfortable, weather appropriate clothing and footwear that parents and carers don’t mind their little ones getting messy in!
Coats/jackets should be sent in each day along with a drinks bottle for water and a small bag containing a couple of changes of clothing and nappies and wipes (should your child require them).

We like to get outside rain or shine so wellies and raincoats are very useful.
Please remember to label and name each item that is sent into school.

Welcome video

Learning through exploration and play