Oak Class

Dear Year 6 Parents/Guardians,

Welcome back Oak class, we hope you had a wonderful Christmas break! This term’s topic is Africa, this is an exciting topic where we can really focus on geographical concepts and skills. This will be an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of world geography and the variety of biomes we can experience and how this compares to Britain and even Winsford.

In English, we will begin by learning using the book ‘A story like the wind’. Using this book we will be writing a flashback narrative and a newspaper report. After half term we will be using the ‘Dreams of Freedom book’ which focuses on basic human rights using a series of pictures and images. We discuss that all people, no matter their background should have access to these freedoms, using this book, we will be writing a freedom narrative and then writing a persuasive letter. We will focus on ensuring cohesion within and through our writing whilst learning about formal and informal features such as the subjunctive.

Oak class are expected to continue reading outside of school in order to progress in their reading skills, especially in understanding their characters and the reasons why authors choose word choices . As per the homework policy please ensure you listen to your child read each day – this is a vital step in becoming fluent readers.

In Maths we will be focusing on percentages before moving on to ratio, then algebra. Following this we wil shift our focus to geometry, where we will discuss volume, area, perimeter before moving onto position and movement. Each day children will also get the opportunity to practise their arithmetic skills through our key skills sessions as part of their maths lessons.

In Science, the children will be exploring the topic ‘Evolution and Inheritance’ where they will be using their scientific enquiry skills to investigate what evolution is, what effects it and how is this information relevant to farmers. In RE we will be focusing on Christianity, focusing on the Kingdom of God before moving to Hinduism, looking into how they worship. In PSHE this term we will be exploring diversity by challenging discrimination and stereotypes. We will evaluate media sources and discuss sharing things online. We will also be discussing puberty, human reproduction and birth as well as increasing independence.

For the start of the Spring term at least children will be doing for forty five minutes PE daily, the children may keep their PE kit at school. They will also need a water bottle each day.

Like last year, homework will be set each Monday and must be completed by the Friday of the same week. You can help with homework but please do not do it for your child. Please complete your child’s reading record when you hear them read each night. (Homework is extremely important. Please refer to the Oak View homework policy for more information regarding homework.)

Please remember if you have any concerns to get in touch.

Mr Rimmer, Mr Coyne, Mrs Clarke and Mrs Shaw