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Sycamore Class

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to Year 4’s class page. Here you will find all the updated information for the upcoming term.


I hope that you had a fabulous Easter break and are ready for another fantastic term of learning!

This term Sycamore class will be Geographers. We will be learning all about Europe. The children will learn all about Europe and will understand the location of the continent in relation to other parts of the world. The class will begin to develop geography skills such as investigating patterns, understanding how places are connected and understanding and using geographical techniques. Our geography learning will also be supported by our computing unit based on weather patterns in different cities and in Spanish describing physical and human features of a location. The children will also be exploring, designing and making a savoury European dishes as part of our design and technology unit for this half term.

This term’s Science we will be continuing our unit on electricity. The children have enjoyed this unit so far and have demonstrated a solid understanding in constructing simple series circuits and testing whether materials are insulators and conductors. Throughout the rest of this unit the children will be tasked with applying their knowledge independently and problem solving when a circuit may be incomplete.

Our English for this term will be based on the beautifully illustrated book ‘The Journey’ by Francesca Sanna. This book introduces a powerful and moving perspective on migration from the perspective of a young girl. The children will use this story as a vehicle for writing a refugee narrative and a diary entry from one of the character’s perspectives. This unit of work entails many opportunities for drama and will evoke the children to use similes, metaphors, fronted adverbials and to write in different perspectives.

In Maths, the topic focus for this half term will be decimals, money and time. The children will look at how decimals are constructed and how this links to money. Throughout the money unit, the class will recap elements from year 3 and year 2 and will build on this knowledge. As we move through the units, the class will continue to recap prior learning through daily fluency and flashback 4 at the beginning of each lesson.

Furthermore, times tables remains a huge focus in Year 4. Therefore, the children will be practicing times tables daily in school and we ask if the children can partake in the weekly times tables challenges set through TTRockstars each week from a device at home. In preparation for the times tables check, pupils can access Maths Frame MTC- https://mathsframe.co.uk/en/resources/resource/477/Multiplication-Tables-Check. This website will allow the children to encounter a variety of times tables up to 12×12 under timed conditions.

It is important that the children continue reading outside of school in order to progress in their reading skills, especially in understanding what they are reading. As per the homework policy please ensure you listen to your child read for at least ten minutes each day – this is a vital step in becoming fluent readers. Please fill out your child’s reading records when you hear them read each night. Weekly homework will focus on one piece of maths-Times tables or recap on maths learning for the previous week, one piece of SPAG work and weekly spellings.

What should/shouldn’t your child bring into school?

  • At Oak View Academy we are passionate about becoming Plastic Free, please bring in a re-useable water bottle that has your child’s name on it. 
  • Unless there is a plan in place, please do not send your child in with fiddle/play toys as these cause distractions in class. If you are unsure, please speak to me at school. 
  • The children do not need a pencil case as yet in class, I will let you know if this changes. 
  • Children should have their reading book/diary with them each day in case their book needs to be changed. In KS2 the children can change their own books and can just let me know when they have finished their reading book.


The children will have three PE session per week. Please ensure that the children have their PE kit in school, this can be taken home at the end of the week but must be back in in time for PE or your child may not be able to partake in the PE lesson. (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday).

Mrs Clarke will be taking the class on Wednesday mornings. They will be focusing on teaching PSHE and Music.

I will always make myself available to discuss your child’s progress and any questions you may have, please do not hesitate to catch me at the end of the day or to arrange another time to meet.

We are very much looking forward to the Summer term and all the exciting learning opportunities that we will encounter,

Best wishes,

Miss Leonard and Miss Woodall.

*Please see an overview of the Year 4 curriculum for the Summer term below*

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