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Dear Parents/Guardians,

It is with great pleasure that I will be teaching your children this year.  In Willow Class the children will have reached a milestone as they are now Juniors! This year we will build on what they have learnt in Year 2 in Maths and English and they will experience new, exciting topics.

This term’s topic is “Changes in Britain: Stone Age to Iron Age” It is a history topic where we will delve into our ancient historical past. We begin with exploring where this period of history falls on a timeline and we will use our art lessons to explore deeper into what life was like in the Stone Age. 

Our trip this term will be science based as the children explore Forces and Magnets at the Xplore Centre in Wrexham. Here they will try a bridge building workshop and explore the science exhibits. More information will be given at the start of the term.

English will be linked to our science topic and the children will begin creating narratives and explanation texts based on ‘Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. In the second half of the term we will be writing a fable narrative and persuasive text based on the book ‘Fox’ by Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks.

In Maths we will be focusing on Place Value to begin with and children will deepen their understanding of numbers up to 1000. We will then move onto addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Children will be continuously assessed and learning will be adapted to fill any gaps in understanding caused by Covid-19.

As children are now in KS2 it is important more than ever that they continue reading outside of school in order to progress in their reading skills, especially in understanding what they are reading. As per the homework policy please ensure you listen to your child read for at least ten minutes each day – this is a vital step in becoming fluent readers. Please fill out your child’s reading records when you hear them read each night.

What should/shouldn’t your child bring into school?

  • At Oak View Academy we are passionate about becoming Plastic Free, please bring in a re-useable water bottle that has your child’s name on it. 
  • Unless there is a plan in place, please do not send your child in with fiddle/play toys as these cause distractions in class. If you are unsure, please speak to me at school. 
  • The children do not need a pencil case as yet in class, I will let you know if this changes. 
  • Children should have their reading book/diary with them each day in case their book needs to be changed. In KS2 the children can change their own books and can just let me know when they have finished their reading book. 


PE is on Tuesday morning, please ensure they have their PE kit in school, this can be taken home at the end of the week but must be back in in time for PE or your child may not be able to partake in the PE lesson.

Swimming will be on Thursday afternoons this term only.

Mrs Leader will take the class for one hour on Wednesday and Thursday mornings, teaching RE and Maths.

I will always make myself available to discuss your child’s progress and any questions you may have, please do not hesitate to catch me at the end of the day or to arrange another time to meet.

Miss Nadia Notarpippo and Miss Simpson.

Maths curriculum Y3

English Curriculum Y3

Willow Class Blog

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