Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Construction continued…


Our little Acorns simply cannot get enough of all things construction and have spent another week being incredibly busy building.

The children had lots of fun racing cars down ramps that they helped to build and create. The children demonstrated super listening for the instructions “ready, steady, go”

The children were able to recognise the colours green and red and use them as stop and go signs to use both indoors with the small world cars and outdoors with the bikes.

Some amazing ‘junk’ models were made by the children using a variety of resources and as always some brilliant mark making was demonstrated.

Next week we will continue with our love of construction vehicles but with a focus on emergency vehicles which the children have shown a keen interest in during their play this week.
If anybody does have any emergency services costumes or dressing outfits at home it would be lovely if you’d be willing to send them in for your little one to wear in the setting or perhaps sharing some emergency services vehicles in their sharing boxes this week.

Please remember to label with your child’s name any items that are sent in.