Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Dear Santa! with Acorns (11.12.20)

The Acorn Preschool children have been excited this week as their thoughts are well and truly focused on Christmas. Lots of cheeky and naughty Elves had been up to mischief over the weekend, so the children were keen to tell us about the adventures that happened. Our own full size Elf, Sam was found enjoying the fine motor activity, hidden under a blanket and also hurt with a cold pack. The children were quick to fix him up with bandages and plasters though, 

On Monday the Acorn children enjoyed the story ‘Dear Santa’ which looked at lots of different presents that Santa thought about sending. We visited the school Christmas tree which had appeared over the weekend. 


A Christmas tree arrived in the home corner in our classroom, which added some excitement as the children loved decorating it with tinsel and baubles. This has involved turn taking, working with others and some problem solving skills (working out how to stop the tree from being weighed down on one side if all the decorations are added in 1 spot!)

For the remainder of the week, the practices have been underway for our Christmas Nativity – ‘Bossy King’ with the children singing the songs and learning their words. We are so proud of all of the children as they have clearly been practicing their words at home as they say them so clearly and confidently. They are doing really well, and we can’t wait to show the parents the finished film soon.


To build on the Christmas fever, the children have spent the week writing ‘letters’ to Santa, wrapping presents, developing scissor skills, painting festive pictures and decorating gingerbread men with pompoms. Some children also started to create a Christmas list by cutting out pictures of toys they would like. 

Stars of the Day this week has been Daisy and Ezra – well done to you both.