Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Dear Zoo…

This week has been very exciting for Cedar class. On Monday morning we all travelled on a big bus to Chester Zoo! Visiting the zoo is part of our animals theme this term, so we were very excited to actually see the animals we have been talking about.

Cedar class noticed that the giraffes had long necks to reach the trees and that the meerkats dug down into the ground to find their food. We enjoyed watching the lions pacing up and down their enclosure and seeing the poisonous frogs and brightly coloured birds in the Tropical Realm. Most of all Cedar class enjoyed the bat cave, even if they were a teensy bit scared many children braved it through as the bats flew close over their heads!

After our visit, Cedar class enjoyed our English lessons where we made list poems, thinking of interesting adjectives to describe the animals.

This week we have also been practising working independently at our desks and key skills to help us learn as best we can!


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