Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Diwali is here! Acorns enjoy celebrations!

This week in the Acorn Preschool, the children have learnt a little about how Hindu’s celebrate a festival called Diwali at this time of year. They have been comparing this with any celebrations they have experienced – birthdays, weddings, christenings, new house….

The week started with the children working hard to prepare the home corner for a celebration, including cleaning, hanging decorations and balloons, preparing celebration food, including birthday cake, and getting dressed up in our party clothes, inspired by Diwali.

On Tuesday we had a real celebration, with a child’s 4th birthday!

Throughout the week, we continued to look at features of Diwali, including making our own Diva lamps out of clay. This was very tricky as the clay was quite tough for little fingers to mould, however it was great for finger strengthening! Another activity which the children have developed finger strength was creating bird feeders by threading cheerios on pipe cleaners.

In the sensory area, the children explored making patterns in the coloured glitter, and by the end of the week the playdough returned, which was flavoured with Indian curry spiced, this had divided opinions from the children about whether it smelt nice (“like dinner”) or not (“like poo”)!

Outdoors, the children used the wheeled toys to develop physical skills. This may look like plain ordinary fun – but with such a large number of children, it provides many more opportunities for children’s development, including:


patience (when waiting to have a turn);

cooperation & increased physical strength (when 2 ride in 1 vehicle); and

coordination and forward planning (when negotiating space and other obstacles).

For those not participating in the bikes, trikes and scooters, a touch of autumn leaf collection allowed for them to use large muscle movements when using sweeping brushes, then having LOTS OF FUN when throwing the leaves up in the air and watching the wind swirl them back down on top of their heads! This game never gets boring!!


You may have noticed your child coming out with a paper ‘Wow’ from the teacher over the last half term. This is something individual to the child that we feel deserves further celebration with you at home. After the half term holidays, we will be handing out a similar version of this to all parents, to allow you to share with us the wonderful moments that you are proud of for your child when at home or out and about. Such information could also be shared through email charlotte.alford@oakviewacademy.cheshire.sch.uk or through using the ‘At Home’ feature on the online ‘Learning Book.’

The use of Learning Book will be explored in more detail for all new users of the electronic learning journal, in a session which Mrs Alford will run next half term. The date is to be confirmed.

Book of the week – “Where’s Spot?” has helped the children with building on their understanding about prepositions – including under, behind, next to, in front, behind, on top. The children love ‘lift the flap’ books and have explored these words through looking at the book, moving actual toys around in their play and dancing with coloured scarves.

Rhyme of the week – “Hickory Dickory Dock” – children have been working on counting on 1 more, counting the number of ‘dongs’ correctly and thinking about words that rhyme with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5! All disguised as ‘just singing a nursery rhyme’!


Stars of the Day this week are Evie, Tristan and Aleeya-Rae – well done to you all!