Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Easter is coming, and the Acorns are getting excited!

This week the Acorn Preschool children have been exploring what they know and are looking forward to about Easter, and learning some new things too!

On Monday the children explored the story about Jesus and how he died on the cross at Easter. We supported the understanding of Easter through symbols such as crosses and Easter eggs, and through our song of the week, which was ‘Hot Cross Buns’.

Our story of the week ‘Farm 123’ has helped the children with building on their knowledge of number recognition and counting up to 10. We are supporting the children with building on recognising numbers and starting to record them in print. The activities this week have also helped with developing counting skills, by putting eggs in nests, or counters on numbered easter eggs. At the playdough table, the children played with chocolate playdough – it smelt amazing!

The children have been thinking about how chocolate melts when making Easter nests on Thursday. They were very good at following instructions and taking turns to make the nests. The best bit came when we enjoyed eating our nests!

The Acorn children are coming along so well with their writing, and are now producing recognisable letters for their name and starting to write other words. We are continuing with the focus on writing CVC words (consonant vowel consanant words) e.g. cat, bat, sun, log, hot, bin etc.

At home, you could encourage your child to listen to the sounds in these words as you say them slowly – breaking them into each individual sound to support them with writing. Using a sound mat, the children are able to find and copy the letters if they are not sure of what each letter should look like. We are so proud of the children who have taken up this challenge and are starting to demonstrate some independence in being able to complete this on their own.

Stars of the day this week were D’arcy & Lucas – well done to you both!


The staff at Acorn Preschool would like to wish all the Acorns and their families a very happy Easter weekend with lots of fun in the sun.