Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Elephants take over the Acorn Preschool

This week in the Acorn Preschool, the children have explored colours through the book of the week ‘Elmer’. This is a lovely story about a colourful patchwork elephant who likes to play jokes on the other elephants, and on this particular day, he paints himself grey and surprises them all. The children have loved listening to the story and have developed some key language concepts through listening to the story – including tall, short, fat, thin, young and old. You can continue to help the children with developing their understanding about these concepts by helping them to use these words in the correct way. We have also been encouraging the children to say what the title of the book is and where we find it, who the author is, who the main characters in the story are and try to summarise what happens in the story. These are good ideas for you to develop your child’s understanding when you are reading the school reading book at home with your child.

The children have enjoyed painting their own colourful elephants, have made collage elephants and some have even drawn their own elephants too. We have enjoyed the game ‘Elefun’ where the butterflies blow up out of the elephant’s trunk and the children must catch them in a net. This game is great for hand-eye coordination, and was also developing their maths skills, as they had to count how many butterflies they caught.

The children even watched the making of a colourful rainbow using skittles and water – they were amazing to see the colours as they ran down the plate. They even enjoyed tasting a bit of the rainbow too!



We have spent time focusing on the children’s ability to construct using the wooden blocks. This supports problem solving, maths knowledge about shape, space and measure and also builds resilience (when the model falls down – we keep on trying to find a different way.) We encourage children first to stack blocks vertically (upwards) and horizontally (sideways), then we expect them to make bridges, followed by enclosures (e.g. to put animals in). Finally, children move onto elaborate construction with no end of imagination. If you have building blocks at home, you could build on this sequence of development when playing with your child.

Outside, the construction theme has continued with the children busy using the builders’ tools to fix the fences and the playhouse. There has been lots of imaginary role play, sharing of tools and tea breaks too!!


Mrs Ogden has explored a mystery object this week in the afternoon, which had lots of children wondering what it was. This has promoted lots of language skills as the children work hard to explain their thoughts and ideas.

Stars of the day this week were Eva-Rose, Callum, Elizabeth, Tristan and Faith – well done to you all.

Next week we are excited to be visiting the farm on Tuesday. Don’t forget, children are to wear uniform, waterproof coat and wellies. As a result of this trip, reading books will be changed on Wednesday next week.


On Monday – wear your brightest coloured clothing as we enjoy our very own ‘Elmer’s Day’ celebration!