Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Elmer Again – what a colourful elephant!

This week the Acorn Preschool children have continued to explore the world of colour through the story ‘Elmer Again’ by David McKee. This has allowed the children to explore more fun antics of this colourful elephant, as he plays a trick on his elephant friends. The children have enjoyed making their own colourful elephants through combining materials. They have even dressed up in colourful clothing, just like the elephants on Elmer’s Day.

Our rhyme of the week was ‘Baa, Baa, Black Sheep’ however we changed it to sing lots of other colours of sheep. The children have used coloured pegs to create colourful patterns, explored mark making in coloured sand and creating facial features out of play dough.


The arrival of a large box allowed the children to explore using their imaginations, and it has been a whole variety of things, including a rubbish tip, a dog kennel and a bear cave!

Our focus number at the moment has been number on 1 – we are trying to secure the children’s concept of number linked to ‘1 or lots.’ We have also looked at how to write number 1. The rhyme we use to help with drawing number one is “You start at the top and you go right down” whilst moving your finger in the air from the top, down in a straight line to the bottom. See if your child can practise writing number 1 and find 1 of anything around the house. Then ask if they can find something that has lots.

On Wednesday, we enjoyed our first visit to the farm, where Farmer Rosie helped us go on a colour hunt, based on ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear.’ The children were so well behaved and loved seeing the sheep, horses, pigs, chickens and farm machinery.


On Thursday, 3 kittens were brought into the Nursery to play with us. They were 10 weeks old and very playful – the children loved watching them explore the classroom, play with their toys and handling them so carefully.

Stars of the day this week were: Larsson, Isla & James. Well done for all your hard work and good choices.