Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Equality and Diversity week in Maple.

We have had a fantastic week with activities relating to different aspects of equality and diversity.

On Monday we had a visit from Richard who told us stories of his traveller heritage and a greedy Queen, who wanted the best pegs for her washing line, and her obedient King. The children helped to act this out starting with King Tyler and Queen Alice and ending with King Kai and Queen Demi. Richard’s visit was wonderful and all the children enjoyed his stories and even drew their favourite part of it for him!

We have been learning that no matter what we look like on the outside we are all the same on the inside but we are all individuals. The children compared their skin colour to paint charts to show the small differences between us.

We had a visit from Imran who taught us all about Islam and the preparations for prayer. The children learnt a lot from this and enjoyed getting involved.

Following our diversity theme we did a quiz where we matched the picture of the eyes to the correct child from Maple class. This was a bit tricky but the children enjoyed the challenge of identifying their class mates from just their eyes.

The children had the opportunity to taste Bulgarian banitsa when Mrs Deneva visited. She told us all about the Christmas traditions in Bulgaria as banitsa are one of the foods traditionally eaten at this time of year. We also learnt about Naming Day – another Bulgarian tradition that Nati and his family celebrate. Eliza explained to us that the apple and walnut banitsa is also very similar to a dessert she enjoys from Poland.

Nathan, Jensen, Jayden and Oliver wrote thank you letters to Mrs Deneva that we handed to her on Friday.

Field Maple visited Kingfisher Class at Hebden Green School, also in Winsford, to meet some new friends and for all of the children to interact with other school children. We were there for the whole morning and made poppy biscuits and learnt about Remembrance Day as well as being able to play outside with our new friends in Kingfisher class.

The children from both classes had a wonderful time and in the afternoon we wrote thank you letters to Kingfisher class and Miss Dunmore dropped them off on Friday evening.

We had a special visit from Chester Zoo to learn all about Songbirds and the Sing for Songbirds conservation project. The children identified animals that were and weren’t birds as well as listening to birdcalls and matching them to the picture.

Finally, they made origami songbirds, which were a bit tricky but were beautiful once they were finished! We can’t wait for the next visit on Monday!

If you want to find out more about the Sing for Songbirds conservation project please visit the Chester Zoo website:


Despite all this we have still managed to fit in some English and Maths, as well as Spanish!
We have learnt more numbers in Spanish with Miss Bonilla. In the next few weeks we will be learning about the Spanish words for family members so if you could bring in a family picture for the children to share that would be wonderful.

In English we have started learning our new story – Lost and Found – this is about a little boy who finds a penguin on his front door one day! Someone left a bag of clothes and food on the window sill in the classroom so we explored these items using our most descriptive language.

We have continued with subtraction in maths and the children have been doing very well as we have been doing some very tricky calculations!

Star of the Week – Jack M

Learner of the Week – Nathan

Have a great weekend!

Miss Dunmore