Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Exploring using numicon and more marvelous mark making.

This week the little Acorns have been using Numicon in all kinds of different ways in their play.

Numicon are a system of flat plastic shapes with holes in, with each shape representing a number from one to 10. Each number has its own colour.

The aim of Numicon is to make numbers real for children through them being able to see and touch them. Numicon has a multi-sensory approach that’s known to help learning, and as you can see we love to use them in lots of different aspects of play.

We also continued with out exploration of mark making this week using chalk, water, paint, marker pens and pencils in different ways and a on a variety of services which really allowed us to see how textures and materials can change the appearance of the marks that we make.

There was of course plenty of construction and model making too. It is incredible to see how elaborate and detailed the models that the children construct have become and also how well they can now work together to create such beautiful pieces of work.

Good luck to some of our Little Acorns beginning transition in the Acorn class next week, I shall miss you but you’re going to do great. Thinking of our Little Acorns who have not yet returned to school and looking forward to spending my last week with the rest of our little Acorns tomorrow.

Mrs Ogden