Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Last week was a little trickier for us all with some of the poorer weather we experienced keeping us indoors a little more. However, it was wonderful to hear that so many of you were still able to make the most of a difficult situation and continue to enjoy family time together by getting involved in some activities we may otherwise struggle to find the time to do.
I know one family has had fun in the kitchen baking together while another got stuck in making some more of our homemade playdough to try out making some of the snakes and worms suggested last week, and having a competition to see who could make the biggest!

Here are some links to some more simple baking recipes:




One of our superstar little Acorns is practicing his nursery rhymes most days and another teaching his family our banana song and dance.

Here is another link to some nursery rhymes our little Acorns will enjoy.


I want all of our little Acorns to know that although we’ve not seen each other for a little while now I am still so proud of you all and love to hear about the things you’ve been doing at home with your families.
I think of you all everyday and the thought of each and every one of you brings a smile to my face.

Stay busy, happy, healthy and curious and try to have a go at some of this week’s home learning activities on the class page. It would be great to hear how you’ve gotten on with them when I next talk to your family on the phone.

Mrs Ogden  🙂