Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

This week we have been learning about Bonfire Night. We learnt the rhyme ‘Remember, Remember the 5th of November’. We had a class discussion about what Bonfire Night is, what we might see on Bonfire Night and how to be safe on Bonfire Night.

The children gave some great language and communication when talking about Bonfire Night to the class; sharing their exciting experiences, their plans for this years Bonfire Night and using lots of descriptive language when talking about fireworks.

We made some firework pictures using bright colours on black paper. The children created their pictures using forks to spread the paint to give a firework effect. Junipers loved finding and using another painting technique; creating some beautiful firework pictures.

Later in the week we made our own sparklers with melted chocolate, breadsticks and sparkles. Junipers had a lot of fun making a sparkler and eating them up during afternoon snack. During this activity we focussed on how we needed to melt the chocolate. The children came up with some amazing ways of melting chocolate “put it in the sun”, “put it in the oven”, “put it in the microwave”, put it somewhere hot”. When I questioned the children asking “why?” to their great ideas they were able to give some brilliant responses “it has to be somewhere hot to melt”, “when it’s hot, chocolate melts”, “it was hard and now it’s all runny”.


We have had a great week and the children are beginning to use and extend their fantastic communication and language on a daily basis. Well done Junipers!