Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

This week in Juniper class we have been learning all about number 4. We have been looking at different ways we can represent four; writing the word, dice patterns, numicon, numberblocks, four objects, a fork with four spikes and shapes with four sides.

The children were very excited to find that a kite had four sides so we held a lot of our focus on designing our own kites, adding 4 colours, 4 dots, 4 design to our kites and 4 bows. We then went outside with real kites and had lots of fun exploring what a kite is.

We started our superhero topic this week along with our new story ‘Juniper Jupiter’. The children have been extremely engaged in this topic already so far. They entered the classroom on Monday and found that our super writer cape was frozen. They came up with an idea that a superhero had used their powers to freeze our cape and play tricks on us. The next day it was a mask that was found frozen on a table. Every child has been working super hard; thinking of ideas, using descriptive language and having lots of fun pretending to be superheroes. This has led to discussions of real-life superheroes such as police officers, fire officers, nurses, doctors and many more people that help us every day.

Have a lovely weekend Junipers.

Miss Latham and Mr Lavin.