Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

This week the Acorn Preschool children have been exploring the topic of growing through the book of the week ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. It has been clear to see that after the Easter holidays all the children have grown – as the carpet area in the classroom looks so full.


To support the children’s physical development we are building on the skills or negotiating space and changing speed to avoid obstacles when playing racing and chasing games. This week, they have used the slalom poles in the hall to explore moving their bodies in and out with increasing speed. We finished by making a giant snake which wiggled in and out as a whole class.


To support our children with building on their knowledge of growth, they have planted cress seeds in eggshells. One child found it quite strange to think that seeds might be expected to grow in cotton wool! They can only grow in a ‘hole in the mud.’ We will be watching this space to see what happens.

The children have started a new self-registration routine this week. For those children who are ready will sign in by writing their name every morning with varying amounts of support. Other children, who are not ready to formally write their name, are working on their pencil control through drawing simple lines and shapes in a fun booklet. The children continue to be supported through dough gym and ‘Superdraw’ this term, building on muscle strength. For those children who have built the strength for pencil control, are being challenged to demonstrate recording numbers and letters in a variety of ways through their play – e.g. in the paint, sand, with chalk, construction area and writing area too.

We are also starting to focus on the aspect of shape, space and measure this half-term – the children have been measuring beanstalks using cube towers to compare and order them for length. We have also been exploring the names of 3D shapes – including cone, cube, cylinder, sphere, cuboid. The children in Nursery are expected to begin to recognise these shapes and describe the shapes they can on each face e.g. square, circle, whilst also using everyday language to describe them e.g. curved, rolls etc.

The song of the week was ‘Mary had a Little Lamb’ – has provided the children with new words with ‘fleece as white as snow.’ The children have enjoyed singing this nursery rhyme, and would love to sing this with their parents are home too. We have focused on


Stars of the Day this week were Lewis, Enes, Thomas and Harriet – well done to you all!