Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

First full week back, over and out.

With this being our first full week back in school, all Junipers have been amazing! All of the children in Juniper class have settled in fantastically, they have made some lovely friendships and impressed both myself and Mrs Turner with their eagerness to learn. They have all been very tired this week as it has been their first full week back but have continued to try their best every day.

This week we have been learning all about numbers 1 and 2. Junipers have enjoyed creating number monsters and people to show their knowledge of numbers 1 and 2.

We have continued to have circle times, introducing ourselves to our friends as we have had more children join us this week. It has been lovely to see the children that started on the very first day supporting and modelling the classroom expectations, routines and activities to the children that have started slightly later.

Junipers have had great fun outside, making their own pretend hot chocolate, playing hide and seek, rolling the ball to each other and using the play equipment.

As we are learning about an artist called Brendan Jamison and the art he creates with sugar cubes, the children have had a chance to experiment building with different food resources, being cornflakes. It has been fantastic to see the children become involved and engaged so quickly with this topic. They have thoroughly enjoyed attempting to build with cornflakes and thought creatively and critically about why they think cornflakes do not work as well as sugar cubes.

A few children have told me they have been talking to their parents about Brendan Jamison and the activities we are completing in class. It is lovely to hear this as it shows how much enjoyment and enthusiasm the children have with their topics and towards their learning opportunities.


Have a lovely weekend and have plenty of rest after a very busy week.

Miss Latham and Mrs Turner.