Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

First week back!

What a fantastic first week back for Willow! Willow class have started Forest School this week and learnt all about senses. They worked in pairs, one blindfolded, to lead each other around the wildlife area. They learnt that communication is very important or they might trip over.

Willow class have also been introduced to our topic of The Stone Age to Iron Age. We have learnt an overview of what life was like in prehistoric times and touched upon the changes that brought on the Bronze and Iron Age, as we progress through the term the children we look into this period of prehistory in more detail.

In maths we have finished off our unit on Money and next week we will be starting with time. Please try and tell the time with your children as much as possible throughout the day – this is how they will learn best!