Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

What a fantastic first week back for Willow class! On Friday afternoon the children learnt how to work better in teams. They thoroughly enjoyed completing a puzzle. They needed to find the correct pieces for the puzzle as the pieces were mixed up but they could not talk to their teammates and had to look at what people needed to Help their team mates complete their puzzles. They did so well I was very impressed with them! This week we have also begun our next chapter in our maths.  The children are beginning to multiply multiples of 10 to a one digit number moving onto multiplying any two digit numbers to a one digit number and they have impressed me already!

In English we Have learnt a new text the kings bed which is a three wishes story, next week the children will begin innovating their own wishes story.


The children have impressed me with their enjoyment of learning this week,especially as it’s the first week back after Christmas m, well done Willow class!