Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

First Week in the Acorn Nursery

This week, some children returned to the Acorn Nursery, and others started for the first time, but all were FANTASTIC! They have settled in so quickly and we have enjoyed exploring our classroom and the rules and routines that happen there. Lining up was a new routine, which the children are getting much better at understanding now.

We have also promoted lots of activities which help to develop independence, such as pouring themselves a drink, blowing their nose with a tissue and putting on their own coat.

Accessing the toilet and eating snack have also featured heavily in this week’s induction into the learning environment. Once the children feel secure and happy in knowing how to get their primary needs met, they will feel safe and comfortable to begin with exploring and developing their learning through playful experiences.

Talking of play…. the children have been dressing up,


using technology,


exploring curious things,

  and playing with play dough!

We have been so busy having fun, that we have not yet managed to get a class photo of all the children sat together! We will try to get one next week.

On the first day we were so lucky to be able to share in a 4th birthday celebration. In the Acorn Nursery, we celebrate birthdays with a song, blowing out candles on a cake (pretend) and by giving a card and small gift for the special child.

Stars of the Day this week were: Noah, James and Evie. Well done to you all!