Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Floating and Sinking with the Acorns

The Acorn Preschool children focused on building their understanding around floating and sinking this week, in line with thinking about transport which travels in/on the water. They were fascinated to do some predicting of which objects would float or sink and explaining their reasons. For 3/4-year-old children, they came up with some very thoughtful ideas around floating and sinking. They were mesmerized to see that the tangerine floated when it had its skin on, but would sink when the peel was removed. They also loved watching the ‘dancing raisins’ which kept floating to the surface then sinking again due to the carbonated bubbles in the water.


One day this week, the children became very interested in babies, and the game quickly turned into the teachers having babies. Mrs Alford was given lots of medical attention due to the fact she was ‘pregnant’. The children listened to the babies heart beat, checked ears and in the mouth, then some even suggested they would ‘cut the baby out’ with some classroom scissors.


The children are becoming increasingly familiar with handling their emotions around new adults joining in our setting to engage in some fun and playful activities. For most children, they take this in their stride, but for others they seek out the familiar adults for reassurance. We make sure that we prepare the children through showing a picture of the member of staff in advance of their arrival. These people include James and Jan, from Bee Active Sport (on Tuesdays), Lily from Leaps and Bounds musical project (on Thursdays) and Mr Ward, Oak View Academy’s PE and Sport Coach (on Fridays).   I just thought I would share this information so if your child mentions these names, you will be able to talk to them about it.

Our book of the week was ‘Elephant Wellyphant’ which builds on the knowledge of words which rhyme using lots of silly play with similar words.  The song of the week was ‘Row, row, row your boat’ which the children loved singing, especially the crocodile version with screaming to finish off!

Stars of the Day this week were: Alexis, Ruby and Dominic – well done to you all.


Wishing all our Acorns and their families a happy and restful half term holiday.