Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ


Our week began with apple printing. The children used halved apples dipped into red paint to create the shape of a poppy. We added the children’s beautiful prints to our remembrance display in our classroom.

Using apples in this way generated lots of talk around different foods – Foods that we enjoy tasting and foods we don’t like as much!
We decided to investigate some healthy foods a little further, with a particular focus on vegetables.

The children found out that many of our vegetables are grown in the ground, and had a go at harvesting their own crops in our makeshift vegetable patch.

The children also used the vegetables within their play, mixing them in pots and pans within the roleplay area and serving them up on plates to friends.

We were able to use knives safely to cut up the vegetables, which allowed the children to look more closely at the food and also smell and even taste the produce more easily.

Our book of the week was ‘I Eat Vegetables’ by Hannah Toft

Next week we plan to investigate healthy foods further and will also be participating in Nursery Rhyme Week.