Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

If You Go Into The Woods Today…

What an unforgettable week Maple class have had! On Monday, Chris the artist came into Maple class to teach the children how to draw ‘still life’ with charcoal and ‘Amazing Me’ themed portraits. He was very impressed with the skills he saw. He was able to see how the children took on the challenge of learning something new and tricky, and as always Maple class took it in their stride and put every ounce of effort in. You’ll be able to see this art work in school as soon as we decide where it should be displayed.

In English we finished off our Meerkat Mail stories and in Maths we accomplished much more on our money work. Of course, the highlight of the week was our residential trip to Fox Howl!

On Thursday morning the children excitedly set off to Delamere forest. They were shown their rooms and then we went off on a little walk through the forest and payed some games. They were excited to explore but we went back to meet Stella who took us on a longer walk where children had to avoid ‘welly eater’ puddles. Well, some children’s wellies did in fact nearly get eaten by ‘welly eaters’, along with their socks! But we survived to explore the many fox, badger and rabbit holes. The children didn’t tire and we came back for dinner and they had time to unpack their bags and spend time in their rooms. Later, we managed to make a fire and roast some marshmallows on sticks and sat around on logs for some camp songs. We then ended the night with a story and hot chocolate. The next day, Stella took the children den building and it was wonderful to see such fantastic teamwork from all children. All the children had shown excellent behaviour on the trip and it was lovely to see the care they displayed for each other, especially if some children were a little unsure of things. A big well done to those children on the trip!

Back in class, some children had joined Cedar class for some fun maths and English work. They used story cubes to think of wonderful sentences for a story. A big thank you to those children for taking the time to paint the big tree which will soon go on display in the foyer. It looks fantastic, great work!


Here are some pictures from the trip.