Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

It grew, and it grew, and it grew…!

This week the Acorn Preschool children have settled back into the routine very quickly. They have been full of Christmas time news and shared what presents they liked best during circle time.

The book of the week was ‘The Enormous Turnip’ – the children have learnt how to retell the story using the story map that we created together. With the repetitive language of ‘and they pulled and they pulled and they pulled and they pulled’ the children have had great fun acting out the story and falling to the floor when the turnip goes ‘POP!’


We used the Enormous Turnip story to help us with our counting and number recognition this week. As the farmer, wife, boy, dog and cat pulled at the turnip (Mrs Alford!), the children counted and selected the correct numeral to match how many people were pulling. We have now created our own class number line from 1-5 in this way. Help you children with recognising numbers 1 to 5 by pointing them out wherever you see them when you are out and about – on buses, house numbers, road signs etc.


This half term we have also started our focus on shapes. We expect the children to be able to use the correct name for 2D shapes – e.g. square, circle, triangle, rectangle – and be able to select the correct shape when asked. We have enjoyed shape songs and shape games, and next week will explore the classroom on a shape hunt and shape printing. This could be helped at home through using apps on tablets or computers, which support shape recognition and provide the name of shapes.


In anticipation for the snow on Friday, we have been playing in snow dough all week. This is really simple to make – but the children have loved exploring it. Just 2 ingredients – flour and a small amount of baby oil mixed together, so that the flour remains powdery, but when pressed down it holds its shape. It does make a mess though – apologies for the state of shoes and jumpers this week – we do wear overalls when we play with it, but it just seems to get everywhere!!


Song of the week was ‘The Wheels on the Bus”. The children have explored the concepts of fast and slow, loud and quiet through this song too.


Stars of the day this week were Harriet, Kaiden, Laken, Landon and Jason – Well done to you all.


We would love to see more observations about what the children have been doing at home. Feel free to take photos and use the parent ‘At Home’ observation section on Learning Book to share anything with us.