Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Hello Snowy Animals!

The Acorn Preschool children have been excited this week when they found penguins and lots of other cold climate animals had arrived in their classroom.

We have enjoyed reading the story ‘Say Hello to the Snowy Animals’.  This has introduced them to husky dog, seal, whale, polar bear, puffin, snowy owl and arctic hare. Through playing with the small world animals, the children have explored different landscapes. A large penguin appeared with its baby, which caused lots of excitement – as the large penguin had an egg hidden too!

The arrival of the Christmas elf in the Acorn Preschool has caused all manner of mayhem this week. On Monday, in the home corner, he added some extra decorations to the tree. Over the course of the week, he blocked off the block play area, captured the teddies and taped them to the chairs and hijacked the painting easel. What a cheeky character he is!

The children have explored all that they love about Christmas through dressing up as Santa, wrapping presents, writing shopping lists, buying items from the shop and even having snowball fights.

We have spent lots of time this week preparing for the Christmas Play – ‘Everyone Loves a Baby’ alongside Juniper class. All the children have been so busy learning their words, singing the songs and exploring the hall and stage to perform on whilst being dressed up in their costumes. The children are trying so hard, but some do find it all a bit overwhelming. We have worked hard to ensure that all children manage to feel safe and comfortable about their involvement, and so even if they do not perform on the day, we are pleased with how well they have done in our practices.

Family and friends of Acorn Preschool – You are warmly welcomed to watch the Christmas Nativity on Monday 16th December at 9am in the school hall.