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Hibernating hedgehogs

This week in the Acorn Preschool, the children have explored how hedgehogs go to sleep at this time of year for a long winter sleep. Through reading books, looking at pictures and watching ‘Come Outside – Hedgehogs’ the children have learnt a lot about the prickly little creatures. Even the song of the week, adapted from ‘Sleeping Bunnies’ reinforced understanding about hibernation. The children have further expressed their understanding about hedgehogs through creative art work, and drawing and labelling pictures.


The Book of the Week – ‘After the Storm’ from the Percy the Park Keeper series (by Nick Butterworth) has supported the children with developing their vocabulary and understanding of different woodland animals. These animals have included badger, mole, fox, mouse, owl and hedgehogs. Other creatures we discovered that might be found in a forest was a Gruffalo


There are many books that feature Percy the Park Keeper and his woodland friends which you could find at the library and enjoy with your child.

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An on-going focus in our mark making area has been for the children to copy the letter shapes from their name. Many children are very interested in writing their names and are starting to closely look at what shapes they can see. To help them in the early stages, we ask for children to practice making lines which are vertical (from top to bottom), then lines which are horizontal (from side to side) and then we encourage children to draw circles of varying sizes. Through doing this practice, we build the children’s control of the mark making tool whilst also developing the muscle memory for how we create some of the letter shapes. An interesting way to build on this at home: shaving foam, paint, salt, tea leaves, or coffee granules on a tray can provide an exciting surface on which to make marks with little fingers. A quick shuffle hides the shape and gives a clear space to start again.


In our speech focus this week, the children have been thinking about when to correctly use ‘he, she, they, and it’. Through using pictures, the children were encouraged to build on their understanding of when to use which word. Please could you support your child at home with using these words correctly when speaking.


Stars of the Day – Louie, Caleb, Laken and Lacey – well done to you all.


Thank you to all who have sent in pictures of your families – as you can see the photos are now up in the frame in the Home corner. If you are yet to send a photo, please send it to me and we will happily include you in the frames too.