Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

How to catch a troll!

There’s a troll in the school! This week Willow class discovered their classroom destroyed by none other than a stinky troll! All week strange things had been happening. We even went to the wildlife area to look for him but we were making too much noise and it ran away. We also found it’s slippers stuck in our window and in the bushes! We have tried our best to write a set of instructions ‘How to catch a troll.’and the children have been coming up with their own ideas for trolls, our class troll is a sock troll!


This week has also been healthy eating week so the children completed a series of challenges of how they can be more healthy. We even completed a tally chart to see what we had eaten for breakfast that morning, the most popular being cereal.


To end the week the children enjoyed some yoga on Friday as part of the ‘get active’ theme. We can even do this at home!