Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ


Last week the Little Acorns spent lots of time  engrossed in play with cars, boats, trucks, planes and trains. 

We had great fun driving our small world cars and trains through paint and play dough, to create different marks and patterns. We sailed boats through a sea of bubbles, built elaborate tracks for our trains to travel on and created some transportation artistic masterpieces!

The children have also been practicing their turn taking skills and working together to use a zig zag car race track.

Our rhyme of the week was “The wheels on the bus.” Which the children are becoming very enthusiastic about singing and joining in with the actions.

Our book of the week was “How will you get there Maisy” all of the children have shown great enthusiasm in impersonating the sounds of each vehicle in the story and preempting what would happen next.

We are enjoying learning about transport so much that we are continuing to investigate the topic this week!