Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

I Can Sing a Rainbow…

The little Acorns were fascinated last week when they spied a beautiful rainbow in the sky. The excitement generated lots of new vocabulary and interest in both colour and weather, so Mrs Ogden and Miss Leigh got straight to work in planning some rainbow inspired play opportunities.

Our builders tray was filled with all the colours of the rainbow using a variety of materials and objects to spark curiosity and language. The children particularly enjoyed looking through coloured film and seeing how each shade changed the colour of objects and people in the room.

The rainbow song was sung repeatedly (at the children’s request!) And some fantastic rainbow and weather inspired collages and artwork was created.

The children have shown interest in investigating size and length this week too with Little Acorns practicing drawing “big lines” on the chalkboard and discussing the size and shape of stones. There was also lots of imaginative play using the small world wild animals… We feel a jungle / Dear Zoo inspired theme coming on!