Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Investigation stations

This week Junipers have had a fantastic time investigating their new learning areas both inside and outside their Juniper class areas. They have loved playing in the garden centre and cafe/reading garden in the classroom. Most excitingly they have loved the mud kitchen, construction area, sand and water area in their new outdoor area.

It has been wonderful to see the children play, communicate and interact with their friends with such big smiles on their faces. Although we have had a lot of tired Junipers during out first week back, which was expected, they have worked so hard!

In English this week we received a letter from a little boy called Joey. He had lost his favourite toy down a deep, dark hole, just like the boy in our story ‘The Something’. He asked for our help, we enjoyed writing letters back to Joey.

In Maths we have been making our own exciting stories using Numberblocks. Junipers were able to think of two Numberblock characters and create a story about them. They were then able to tell their friends during circle time what number their two characters created. They had so much fun during this activity, using their imagination!


Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Latham and Mrs Owen