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Junipers’ had a fun filled week!

This post may be longer than usual as there is so much to discuss and share with you.

As every knows, this week had been a very busy and difficult week for staff and children. We have made sure this week has been full of excitement and enjoyment as we have crossed many challenges.

To start the week, Juniper’s had lots of fun completing the pepper experiment. We completed the experiment to see why using soap is important when washing our hands. The children noticed how the pepper stuck to their finger when they washed their hands without soap. However when they used soap something amazing happened…the pepper made a ring around their finger and the pepper ran away from the soap!

We imagined that the pepper was the germs on our hands and came to the conclusion that when we use soap, the germs run away!

We also watched the chicks hatched out of their shells in Acorns classroom and even got a chance to hold the little chicks!


Throughout the week the children have been very affectionate towards their friends and staff they see every day.

As this was there last week in school for the foreseeable we decided to capture beautiful moments of children showing appreciation for their friends and staff for all parents to see.


We hope to see you all soon, stay safe and well!

Miss Latham, Mrs Turner and Mr Lavin


The pepper/ germs experiment!



The baby chicks!



Whole class photographs, friendship group photographs and small group photographs



 Hungry caterpillars’