Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Just call us ‘Juniper astronauts’…

The children in Juniper class have been extremely busy this week. The children wanted to find out a bit more about space, astronauts and stars; using great questioning.

On Monday the children walked in to the Juniper classroom where they found a sparkly, shiny, huge Space Station, however the door to the Space Station was taped up so that we could not enter. The children were very excited and began to lead their own learning; explaining how they thought we might need to train to be astronauts before we can use the space station properly and safely.

Later in the week we then ‘received’ a video from Tim Peake, the Astronaut, from space. He trained all juniper children to become astronauts, whilst he was in space, he then gave every Juniper child a ‘qualified Juniper astronaut’ certificate. This allowed us to access the space station and we have had so much fun pretending to be astronauts; using our imagination to get into astronaut characters, looking for stars, using telescopes and so much more!

During the week we have been finding lots out about stars; linking our topic in to all areas of our learning; Maths, English, continuous provision and our new topic book ‘Star in the Jar’.

The Juniper’s have adopted some fantastic vocabulary through our space journey; using our phonics initial sounds, making their own space passports, drawing and writing to other astronauts. We are very excited to see what else we can learn!