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Kung Hei Fat Choi from the Acorns

This week in the Acorn Preschool the children have been transported to China to experience the preparations for Chinese New Year (on Saturday 28th Jan) when the Year of the Rooster will begin.

We have learnt, through reading books and watching a Chinese family, to see how they prepare for and celebrate Chinese New Year. At the start of the week, we were busy cleaning the house in preparation for putting up our chinese decorations.

The children explored making chinese writing through mark making with paint and pens. They constructed chinese lanterns and lucky money envelopes using their cutting skills and dancing dragon puppets by combining materials by sticking.

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The children also noticed that Chinese food is a little different and that funny sticks can be used to eat the food. The children have explored making noodles and using chopsticks in the role play area, and Mrs Alford and Mrs Woodall have eaten many a chinese meal this week, courtesy of the Acorn cooking team! We also explored eating real prawn crackers and noodles – which the children loved to touch!
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On Thursday we were very lucky to be invited to enter the Planetarium which took us on a journey into space. We saw the sun, moon and stars – along with a lot of animal constellations. We also travelled to each planet too. The children sang Twinkle Twinkle to encourage the stars to shine brighter. All the children were very brave when experiencing this new social situation, and we were very proud. As children were leaving the dark tent, they were heard saying, “That was AMAZING.”

Our week came to an end with some dragon dancing and music making. All the children took part in a dragon parade through the school, where we gave out red envelopes with money in to wish people good luck.

The song of the week has been Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear – which is helping the children to develop their understanding of rhyme. Sing this with them at home and see if they can remember the words and actions. You can even make up your own verses and funny actions too!


Stars of the day were Seth, Oscar, Elizabeth, Caleb, Miya-Louise – well done to you all.