Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

We have had a very busy and very exciting week in Juniper class. We have had our performance practices and our real performance where we were retelling the story “Star in the Jar’. All of the children were amazing in the performance and were all very brave for their first school performance, also in front of all the parents there. Well done Junipers, I am so proud of you all!

The children in Juniper class had a very fun day on our school trip day at Techniquest! We put our scientist caps on and were playing with fun scientific experiments throughout the day. We then went in to a star dome and stepped in to space! The children all had a hands on experience of what space looks like

, all of the children were mesmerised. It was a trip the children told me they loved with some children asking if we could go back the next day.

We have had a very busy week also being astronauts as we found a letter from Andy the Astronaut in the classroom, explaining how he was going back in to space. He left us a mission; to take our space station down and borrowed space equipment and leave it all in a box for him to collect ready for his next space adventure! Junipers had a lot of fun completing this space mission task for An

dy the Astronaut with some children writing letters and drawing pictures to put in the box ready for his collection.

On our last full day we had a very exciting day. As we have been so busy learning about stars this term; how they glow and using fantastic adjectives in our learning, we had a space party in the classroom. We turned all of the lights off and had glow sticks to see what it could be like when all of the stars are shining in the sky. The children had a lot of fun and were able to link this experience to a lot

of the learning they have been doing!

Have a lovely week off, we look forward to seeing you all after half term!