Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Launching into live learning…

Wow what an incredible week for Sycamore class. On Monday we immersed ourselves into the world of live learning. The children have been fantastic at learning all of the key etiquette of using an online platform. They have engaged and participated well in lessons with thoughtful answers and creative ideas. We are very proud of how well the children have adapted to this change!

In English this week we began the story ‘The lost happy endings’. The children had to use their inference skills and guess the meaning of objects that linked to our vehicle text. As part of our English theme the children did a ‘cold write’ based on changing the “happily ever after…” that we often hear at the end of fairytales. The outcome from this task was very creative and I could see that the children were really considering their impact on the reader.

In maths this week we have recapped our understanding of multiplication methods. We explored multiplication through concrete, pictorial and abstract forms. The children did really well in engaging with the maths lessons. Towards the end of this week the children have been focusing on basic fractions and equivalent fractions.

This week we began our topic based on ‘Land use in Winsford’. The children looked at maps and described how the land is used from looking at symbols on OS maps. We continued our topic theme into our art lesson this week as the children designed and created sculptures inspired by the “seven sisters” in Winsford Town Park. We discussed how Winsford is famous for having a Rock Salt Mine. We looked at two different artists who used ‘salt’ as inspiration for abstract sculptures.