Whitby's Lane, Winsford, CW7 2LZ

Learning about light!

Oak class have had another productive week! I am very proud of the class as everyone has worked very hard to produce work of a high standard.

In English, we thoroughly enjoyed writing flashbacks about a loved one. We thought carefully about the memory using the senses to create a clear picture for the reader.

This week Oak class made puppets as part of their scientific investigation into light! They experimented with distance to understand the change in shadow size.

We have enjoyed learning about mindfulness this week. Oak have used sound to help focus their attention as part of their ‘PawsB’ mindfulness. In addition, we have learned about peer massage. Everyone was very respectful towards their partner during this activity – they always asked permission before massaging and were mindful of the pressure so that it was a calming experience for the person receiving the massage. I am pleased by the mature attitude Oak class showed while participating in the activities!

Star of the week: Kieran

Learner of the week: Mia